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The initial activity of DESIGN and PRODUCTION sees the introduction of innovative technologies such as CAD and rapid prototyping, never used before in this area, which are now widely available.

Later on we majored in the study of packaging, design and manufacture of molds, logistics and delivery. It is all done directly or with loyal suppliers who, using our equipment properties, allow us to attend to the production cycle.

The quality and care in crafting characterize all our articles, which are entirely made in Italy with quality materials and tested manufacturing processes,without neglecting design and aesthetics.

The desire to experiment allowed us to introduce technical innovations which arised the state of the art of a sector remained static for years, and the awareness of the tradition encouraged us to make current many classic and irreplaceable products.

In particular the use of thermosetting resin for products such as trays, makes them robust, durable and able to maintain the correct rigidity and the absence of twisting under the weight of the product to be served, differently to the thermoplastic which, on the contrary, does not guarantee the required stiffness.

The currently available lines are:

PROMOTIONAL line: products that are customized with the client's trademark and used individually or in tandem, useful to convey the brand and / or the company's image in the store. These being really useful products, they are the most sought and the most lasting in terms of exposure in the place.

HORECA line: products produced mainly in white and black, with or without decorative images, chosen among our available proposals or the customer's request. Their high quality makes them particularly suitable for industry professionals.

HOME line: classic products offered with pictures and eye-catching colors, coordinated each other, for a primarily domestic use.

SOUVENIRS line: repeats in a modern, object memory, which becomes attractive and contemporary at the same time.

Our thanks go out to the customers so far have chosen us and who each time renew their loyalty to us and to the future ones who will want to choose us.