We are Manufacturer ... for real ... 

we own moulds, machinery and equipment ...

Each of our articles is first designed, then prototyped and corrected, 

then we move on to the construction of the mould and finally to the production ... and everything is ...


We are aware that design is fundamental in the creation of products,

for this reason we develop items that are aesthetically valid in order to obtain immediate appreciation.

At the same time we focus on the functional aspect, which determines the appreciation over time.

Over the years we have developed procedures and processes that allow us to constantly monitor quality

and making use of certified raw materials

we supply products that comply with current regulations.


MEX Italia s.r.l. | Via Sant'Agostino 10 | 23892 Bulciago (Lecco) Italy | phone +39 031 861813 | fax +39 031 862528 | P.I./C.F. IT02581430986