Multi Service Compact  

sugar holder + menù holder + napkins dispenser

Material: thermoplastic

Available colours: white, black and on demand

Customizing: IML /silk screen printing

Size 10,8 x 18,8 - h 15,5 cm

Napkins: 17x17 (not included)

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9 good reasons to choose 


Multi Service Compact  

sugar holder + menù holder + napkins dispenser

  1. MSC is equipped with a menù holder built-in, sliding and adjustable in the optimal position (also with on demand shape)
  2. MSC rationalizes clutter by ordering and grouping the various dispensers into one small space
  3. MSC optimizes the service, for the immediate consultation of the menu that remains always available and for the use of utility merchandising by the user
  4. MSC shows a coordinated design, harmonizing the exposure of the dispensers
  5. MSC facilitates the preparation of the table and/or the cleaning of the room, thus facilitating also the movement of the various dispensers 
  6. MSC conveys through each dispenser a sole advertising message, as designed by Marketing, avoiding that the exposed products being different for materials, colors, styles and advertising messages as well as brands
  7. MSC simplifies order management: 1 product instead of 3
  8. MSC simplifies warehouse management: 1 product instead of 3
  9. MSC allows to maximize the economic investment

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